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Awards & Judging Criteria

Evaluation Criteria


All apps are evaluated using a 5 point criteria. Judges rate each point on a scale of 1-10. Some awards have additional evaluation criteria (i.e. Purchase Experience). The primary criteria include:


  1. UI Design – Creative, visually pleasing and follows usability principles.
  2. Animations – Fluid, purposeful, clear and delightful.
  3. Content – Creative, functional and engaging.
  4. Onboarding – Engaging, inductive and efficient
  5. Overall Experience – Engaging, delightful and unique.



Award Dates


The Mobile UX Awards take place 2-times per year (Summer & Winter). Below are the dates for the Summer 2017 Awards.


  • Early Bird Deadline (April 30, 2017)
  • Entry Deadline (May 31, 2017)
  • Winners Announced (July 2017)



Submission Fee


The standard submission fee is $399 per app. Students and companies with less than 5 employees can enter at the reduced price of $99.


Award Categories


Think Big:


  1. Best All-Around
  2. Social Impact
  3. Breakthrough Experience




  1. Entertainment
  2. Business & Finance
  3. Games
  4. Productivity & Utilities
  5. Health & Lifestyle
  6. Social & Communications
  7. Shopping & eCommerce




  1. Interface Design
  2. Animation
  3. Creative Content
  4. Onboarding Experience
  5. Purchase Experience

Rules & Guidelines

Platform & Operating System


Apps must run on either Android or iOS with the latest major OS version. For example, if the latest operating system is iOS 10.3, apps running on iOS 10.2 will be accepted but not if they are running iOS 9.



App Availability


Apps submitted must be available in a publicly accessible app store (without jail-breaking). If the app is not accessible in all markets and/or not accessible in English, it is highly recommended that the applicant submit extra video content as part of the Media Package.



Conflict of Interest


Judges will be precluded from reviewing apps that were submitted by their team or by direct competitors.



Consent to Submit


Agencies submitting on behalf of their clients require permission to do so. It is the responsibility of the agency to make sure they are not infringing on the rights of their clients.

Submission Requirements


1. General Information

  • Short Description (Max 300 characters)
  • Key Contributors
  • Industry
  • Login Instructions


2. Award Pitch

  • App Category
  • Operating System
  • What was uniquely challenging about designing this app? (Max 300 characters)


3. Media Package

  • 5-10 Screenshots
  • App Icon
  • Walk-through Video (Optional. Max 2 minutes)
  • Onboarding Video (Optional. Max 2 minutes)
  • Purchasing/Upgrading Video (Optional. Max 2 minutes)



All videos and screenshots must be submitted with a link to your private file-sharing system (i.e. dropbox). We want to allow judges to see the real product. As a result, videos must be simple screencasts of the app without post-production. Videos must be under 2 minutes long, under 200MB and in a standard video format (i.e. MOV, MP4, AVI,…).


I’ve submitted my app in the past, can I submit it again?


You can re-submit your apps for review but we highly encourage you to only submit again if there is a substantial improvement in the app.



Can I make changes to my submissions once I’ve sent it?


We start reviewing apps right away so unfortunately we cannot accept changes after the submission is sent.



What do winners get?


Here are just a few of the awesome things that winners can look forward to. First and foremost, winners get major recognition by the top industry leaders. This recognition comes in the form of a wall plaque, website badge and certificate for key contributors. The Mobile UX Awards send a powerful message to clients, prospects and employees that your company is really a step above the rest when it comes to mobile apps. Winners also get significant exposure through our network of mobile leaders. Whether you are looking for clients or simply network, this community has massive influence.


Will the submissions information be made publicly available?


The only information visible to the general public will be the description, screenshots and key contributors. All other information, including videos, will only be visible to our judges.



Can I cancel my submission and get a refund?


We cannot offer refunds once apps are submitted. If you wish to completely withdraw your app from the awards please email us at info@mobileuxawards.com.

Submissions are now closed

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